ESPCP Systems 50/60 Hz

ESPCP Systems 50/60 Hz

Franklin Electric’s newest system solution combines years of tested technology to create a packaged system designed specifically for coalbed methane applications. Franklin’s progressive cavity pump, coupled with the Franklin CBM+ motor, is designed to address the demands of CBM pumping applications. Now as a Franklin system, together the progressive cavity pump and CBM+ motor provide the confidence needed to know that you have the most robust, dependable system available in the industry.

These pumps are designed to run between 20 Hz and 40 Hz and operates best with Franklin's Artificial Lift drive system. Franklin's Artificial Lift drives also incorporate superior protection algorithms and designed to handle the large motor load required with these pumps.

Product Information
Order Information
  • Features

    All ESPCP Pumps (Standard NBR Low Temp, HNBR Low Temp, and HNBR High Temp)

    • Franklin Electric exclusive direct drive system (no gear box)
    • High head design allows for operation in depths to 3300 ft / 1000 meters
    • Abrasive-resistant progressive cavity technology
    • Stainless steel rotor is chrome plated for extra abrasion resistance
    • Franklin Electric exclusive spring ball check valve.
  • Progressive Cavity Pumps - B -Depths 3300 ft / 1000 m

    ModelDescriptionOrder NumberBPDUS GPMLPM
    75FPC 07/5.5 B4Standard NBR Low Temp830787527.5
    150FPC 10/7.5 B487257150415
    300FPC 15/11.2 B487262300830
    75FPC 07/5.5 B4 HHNBR Low Temp830777527.5
    150FPC 10/7.5 B4 H83054150415
    300FPC 15/11.2 B4 H83056300830
    75FPC 07/5.5 B4 HTHNBR High Temp830757527.5
    150FPC 10/7.5 B4 HT83060150415
    300FPC 15/11.2 B4 HT83062300830
    • * When used on Franklin Electric Progressive Cavity Pumps, speed is limited to 40 Hz maximum.
    • ** Motor also available with individual leads.

    Progressive Cavity Pumps - C -Depths 4900 ft / 1500 m

    ModelDescriptionOrder NumberBPDUS GPMLPM
    55FPC 15/11.2 C4*Standard NBR Low Temp83072*7527.5
    110FPC 15/11.2 C4*83073*150415
    55FPC 15/11.2 C4 H*HNBR Low Temp83063*300830
    110FPC 15/11.2 C4 H*83067*7527.5
    55FPC 15/11.2 C4 HT*HNBR High Temp83065*150415
    110FPC 15/11.2 C4 HT*83068*300830
    • *A flex hose kit (order no. 305593001) must be purchased and installed with all 1500m pumps.
  • Progressive Cavity Pumps – Weights & Dimensions "B" Performance

    ModelBottom WidthTop WidthHeight (Less Motor)Shipping WeightDischarge
    75FPC 05/3.7 A43.75953.077837.89962.524112"
    150FPC 07/5.5 A43.75953.077845.761162.53013.52"
    300FPC 10/7.5 A43.75953.077855.331405.53616.52"
    75FPC 05/3.7 A4 H3.75953.077837.89962.524112"
    150FPC 07/5.5 A4 H3.75953.077845.761162.53013.52"
    300FPC 10/7.5 A4 H3.75953.077855.331405.53616.52"
    75FPC 05/3.7 A4 HT3.75953.077837.89962.524112"
    150FPC 07/5.5 A4 HT3.75953.077845.761162.53013.52"
    300FPC 10/7.5 A4 HT3.75953.077855.331405.53616.52"

    Progressive Cavity Pumps – Weights & Dimensions "C" Performance

    ModelBottom WidthTop WidthHeight (Less Motor)Shipping WeightDischarge

    Submersible Motors CBM+ Models – 5-15hp, 460/380 Volts 60/50 Hz

    Order No.HPKW(A)Motor HeightShipping Weight
    @ 60 Hzinmmlbskg