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Franklin Electric Launches New FluidWise Protection & Control System


Fort Wayne, IN - Franklin Electric Co., Inc. (NASDAQ:FELE) is proud to announce the release of the new FluidWise Drive and control System that protects and controls artificial lift motors, electric submersible centrifugal pumping (ESP) systems, and the electric submersible progressive cavity pumping (ESPCP) systems for gas well dewatering, mine dewatering, and oil stripper applications.  The FluidWise system incorporates increased functionality and data acquisition capabilities, allowing the pumps to operate at depths up to 4921 feet (1500 meters).

The FluidWise Drive and Control System for artificial lift applications includes three running modes: a set speed, regulated speed to reach a set target water level, or a regulated speed to reach a desired flow rate (must have a flow meter).  The system provides underload/overload protection including dry run protection, one second data logging with Microsoft Excel file downloading capability, real-time data monitoring, alarms and alerts sent directly to your cell phone or email, web page interface via direct or Wi-Fi connection, and a Franklin Electric controller designed specifically for dewatering applications.

Additional information can be found on the Franklin Electric Artificial Lift Systems Website at:

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